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Ceramics & Crucibles

Furnace Repair & Relines

Gas fired crucible furnaces are one of the most costly pieces of equipment to operate in a foundry. The cost is increased significantly when the furnace is not designed or operated correctly. Many other factors contribute the cost. Energy efficiency, maintenance & crucible life are all items that Advanced Ceramics & Crucible can help improve.


Many of the furnaces manufactured today, are designed for melt rate , efficiency and cost of furnace. Many times the crucible life is not considered. Advanced Ceramics & Crucible has the knowledge to address all the issues. We can advise design, correct sizing, installation and use.


Material Selection

Insulation and refractory come in a variety materials. Low cost materials are not always low cost. Advanced Ceramics & Crucible can offer several options based on your application and budget.



Maintenance is important for both efficiency and crucible life. Not maintaining your furnace can cost much more in energy and crucibles cost. These costs can be more than the cost of repairs. We can offer and install the correct materials that bring efficiency, less down time and longer crucible life.


New Technology

Advanced Ceramics & Crucible offers value added materials to reduce cost. Mate- rials are designed for several types of high temperature applications. Using mate- rials specific for your conditions will overall lower cost. We offer materials for full relines as well as repair. In many cases, we can repair furnace linings at very low cost, until full reline is scheduled. With our high strength & high insulation linings, energy cost is reduced, crucible life is increased and melt rates are much faster.

The furnace above was purchased based on high insulation properties. Fiber does have great thermal insulation, but if you have a crucible failure, your lining is trash. If you do not know how to repair it, your crucible cost goes up. This customer was getting 3-4 month crucible life. After re-profiling the burner port and casting floor to correct height, discussing care & use with operators, their crucibles are now lasting over 12 months. Cost to the customer was under $1000 for repairs.

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