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Our Phoenix crucible line has repeatedly proved to provide faster, more efficient melt times & a longer crucible life. With our Manufacturer's Iso-Statically pressed, carbon-bonded SIC (silicon carbide) technology, the Phoenix Crucible line is North America's superior choice for your non-ferrous metal melting needs.


Using the latest advanced technology and the highest quality products on the market, we produce a variety of versatile furnace designs that are second to none. We offer a line of continuous melting, bulk melting, and crucible melting furnaces, with high efficiency, superior quality and on board computer logistics.


Our refractory materials are a high quality, domestically made option for your castables, dry vibratables, rammables, and patch material requirements.  Our wide variety of products, superior quality, and reliable tech-support makes Advanced Ceramics an easy choice for all of your refractory product needs.

Advanced Ceramics & Crucible  develops and supplies a great variety of high quality ceramic shapes and materials built to withstand extremely harsh environments with outstanding performance. We use the most reliable resources to ensure the best materials on the market are used to ensure a  longer lasting finished product.

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Custom Ceramic
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Advanced Ceramics & Crucible provides consulting for new projects and existing problems. Most issues can be handled by phone at no cost. On site Consulting is available for more complex projects. No matter how small or how large the problem, our expertise and experience will provide efficient, helpful, low-cost solutions.

With our hands-on knowledge of crucibles and furnaces, we can offer low cost repairs to existing furnace linings and complete relines. We offer a variety of options to meet your budget. Our insulation packages can meet most budgets, from low cost repair to highly insulating with state-of-the-art materials. In most cases, energy savings will pay for itself in 12 months or less. Crucible life can increase 2-3X.

With 100 + years, combined knowledge, we understand the need to, not only supply materials, but also the training on how to use them. Many of our customers have saved money as a result of our training. We focus on safety, reliability, energy savings, maintenance cost and down time. We have achieved as high as 50% energy savings with multiple customers, while increasing reliability and production.

Through a variety of manufacturing processes and materials, we offer solutions, specific to your application. From simple, low cost shapes to complex shapes in the harshest conditions. With our knowledge of ceramics and applications, we can assist and design the most cost-effective solution for our customer's requirements and budget.



Advanced Ceramics & Crucible are distributors of high quality ceramic consumables for molten metals, industrial process heating, and the chemical and power generation industries.
Advanced Ceramics & Crucible is the North American distributor for Nippon Crucible Company, Tokyo, Japan. We have Direct distribution locations in Phelan, CA., Garland, Tx., Houston, Tx., Pelham, Al. & Lodi, Ohio.  Our president, Brian Chalmers has 40 years experience in various foundry applications and maintains a hands-on approach with all of our customer's needs. Advanced Ceramics & Crucible has the edge on competitors in superior knowledge and products.



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T&L Foundry, Inc.~Glenpool, OK.

-Bill Covington

During the last couple years T&L Foundry, Inc. has struggled through a rash of crucible problems, such as, in-house procedures as well as changes in the crucible industry. Bill Covington, Owner and President of T&L has been more than frustrated by these problems during which he has seen a reduction in crucible life by 35 to 40 percent. This frustration drove Bill to try to find a different solution. He states:

"We were looking for a different approach when we found Brian Chalmers from Advanced Ceramics & Crucible and began talking with him about our crucible concerns. Brian suggested that we try a Nippon crucible and promised better crucible life and hopefully, lower melt rates as well."
T&L first test was a Nippon 900 Bowl that showed crucible results mirroring life standards that T&L saw prior to the crucible industry changes. Bill was impressed by the Nippon performance but was also impressed with the additional support received from Advanced Ceramics & Crucible.

"Not only did we see better crucible life, but Advanced Ceramics & Crucible evaluated our furnaces, made suggestions to regulate our gas usage, and helped T&L to achieve 20 to 25 percent faster melt rate."
T&L felt the initial Nippon test was good enough to systematically replace older, non-Nippon crucibles with 600, 900 and 1000 Nippon bowls. During follow up visits, Brian made other recommendations that T&L feels will help achieve a much needed reduction in natural gas usage as well.





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